Advertising with Atherton Realty

Your Property deserves attention!

As a Seller, the first few weeks that your property hits the market are the most vital for catching Real Estate Buyers' attention and achieving a premium price. A pro-active approach to advertising your property when it hits the market is a priority if you do not want to miss your best chance of a sale. Your property deserves attention as soon as it hits the market place. Having chosen Atherton Realty as your selling agency we are here to work hand in hand with you to get your property Sold! Let's look at what advertising Atherton Realty does for you and what you can do to enhance your chances.

Advertising with Atherton Realty

  • We list the features and benefits of your property
  • We upload your property to our subscribed internet sites
  • We display your property in our Agency window
  • We install a for sale sign on your property
  • We include your property in our for sale brochures
  • We maintain a photo library of extra images for showing to buyers
  • You can request additional advertising in local newspapers and other print media
  • You can upgrade your internet property listing to keep it at the forefront of the search pages

Ask your Sales Professional about our advertising packages. We will always consider the type and price of property that you have for sale and where marketing will be most effective.

Should you choose to "wait and see" before activating marketing, you could lose that vital edge and the negotiation advantage will swing to the buyer. There comes a point when everyone avoids the product that has been sitting on the shelf for a long time or expects it to be half price!

Let's work together to get your property SOLD!

Talk to your Atherton Realty Property Sales Professional about advertising today.

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